Setting Yourself Up for Success as an Entrepreneur

business 101 Dec 30, 2022

In the blog:

  • To be a successful business owner, certain things must be done. Leigh Wilson shares her top 5 tips to set yourself up for success as an entrepreneur. 
  • Goals, goals, goals: set them and stick to them. Remember, 20% of the things you do, bring you 80% of your business. 
  • Your personal life cannot be neglected if you hope to succeed in business. Stop trying it.
  • Too many distractions can be detrimental! Start by reducing those as soon as you can.
  • The hustle-and-grind mentality is great, but rest is just as important. Rest, relax and reset!
  • If you would like further guidance on implementing these tips into your success plan, click here to schedule a complimentary coaching session with Leigh, at your convenience!


If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, some items are simply non-negotiable. Yes, motivation, determination, and perseverance are all important aspects of a successful entrepreneur. No one is arguing that those things are necessary. So,...

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De-Stress the Holidays

stress Nov 21, 2022

In the blog: 

  • Certified High-Performance Coach, Leigh Wilson, shares 5 ways to manage the holidays so you can enjoy them, rather than survive them!
  • Whether you love the holidays or despise them, you know they are coming, so plan for it.
  • The holidays come with stress and pressure, there is no doubt. Make a list of these things to get ahead of the chaos and get your mind wrapped around it.
  • Setting aside time for your personal needs is crucial when running on overload - do not neglect your own needs.
  • You are in charge, and you control your holiday. It all starts with your mindset.


Oh, the holidays are here. Time for gift-giving, holiday meals, gleeful gatherings and oh, what fun it will be!

But first, the chaos. The frantic gift purchase for that uncle you forgot was coming to dinner this year. The fourth trip to the store on Christmas Eve, this time, for tape. The multiple dietary needs one menu must meet causing you to jump through culinary hoops....

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5 Keys to Being a Great Leader

business 101 Nov 18, 2022

What's in the Blog:

  • Leadership is imperative to running a successful business. Leigh shares her top 5 keys to being a great leader.
  • We all know communication plays a significant role in leadership or any relationship, but are we mindful of the various situations and settings in which we must adjust our communication skills? There might be more to it than you think.
  • Who Moved My Cheese? is a great little book with an entertaining lesson on flexibility. You should check it out if you haven't already.
  • We have all been guilty of chasing new and shiny things, but it is so important that leaders allow their decisions time to be correct. See it through before you go after the next shiny idea.
  • Focus Forward! Of course, we had to get this one in here. Be the optimist and focus forward so that your team can follow.
  • Do not forget to ask for help or call in reinforcements when needed. Like a business coach! You can schedule a complimentary first coaching...
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5 Ways to Control Your Calendar so it Doesn't Run Your Life

business 101 Oct 19, 2022

What's in the Blog:

  • Certified High-Performance Coach, Leigh Wilson, shares five ways to control your Calendar, so it doesn't run your life. Read the full blog to find out how to build a balanced calendar.
  • Personal Time, Personal Obligations, Done by One, 50-Minute Work Cycles, and Erase but Don't Replace are all critical components Leigh breaks down. Watch the video for the short and sweet version.
  • Use Leigh's steps to get vacation time, your top obligations complete, control of your day, and a blueprint for your upcoming year.
  • "I want you to put your personal vacation time, your time away from work, on your calendar for the next twelve months."
  • Are you ready to get control of your Calendar but struggle to identify your 20% items? Schedule a free 30 minutes coaching session with Leigh and gain clarity on your top priorities.


Perhaps you are no stranger to the vital role a calendar plays in the lives of business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-performers of all...

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5 Reasons You Can Succeed at a High Level Running Your Own Business

business 101 Sep 26, 2022


 Blog Summary:

  • Too often great dreams and aspirations are thought of daily, yet are never pursued. This leads to dreams dying and the dreamer settling. Leigh Wilson hopes to change that. Read on to find out why she thinks you can succeed in your business at a high level.
  • "We all succeed at a higher level when we do the things we love to do."
  • Now, more than ever, the internet is our worldwide, "digital market" to sell goods and services; your reach is boundless.
  • Freedom of choice is incredibly inspiring, but don't let that stop you from having some structure to your day.
  • You don't have to do it all on your own, and in fact, you shouldn't!



Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, analysis paralysis... whatever your block is right now, and I am sure you have one, just know you are not alone. These terms exist because these blocks have been so prevalent in society, and I think this is a great thing! We get to name our challenges and zero in...

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5 Financial Items to Think about Before Opening your Business

business 101 Aug 31, 2022
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So, you've decided to start your own business. Congratulations!
I have five financial items that I want you to think about before you open your doors:
  • What type of entity best suits your business?
  • Which financial software will your business be using?
  • Reviewing financials is a must; you need to time block it religiously.
  • Determine your expenses and income, but also categorize them.
  • The most important and most challenging of them all is setting your budget.



1. What kind of entity are you going to be?

Now, you will get help from your accountant or attorney on this, but before you pay them big bucks, go to Google. I want you to Google LLC, partnership, sub-S corporation, or sole proprietor; I do not recommend the sole proprietor for most people just because there are some tax advantages the other way, but again talk to your accountant about that. You will determine this in advance because this will set up how you do...

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Building Your Mission Statement


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  •  We all hit our personal ceilings of achievement. We even know we will hit them repeatedly on our journey. Just starting out or evaluating what you have done in order to take it up a notch? Either way, this is going to be great stuff for you.
  • "Excitement is a much stronger emotion if we let it lead the way."
  • By the time you have gotten through the next 4 modules of this training your business is going to take on a life of its own. Stay tuned throughout April so you don't miss out!
  • This first module of our Business Branding Skills training focuses on your mission statement. 
  • Your mission statement is not just for your customers to get to know you but is the first piece that your employees, volunteers and team need to be able to connect with and relate to. Quite simply it’s the buy in.
  • Sign up below to stay up with our latest trainings for your new business, to get the best deals on our...
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The Art of Forgiveness and Apologies

relationships Apr 05, 2022
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  •  When we get hurt, forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do, and people tend to say I’m sorry with so little meaning it makes forgiveness that much harder.
  • A true apology requires one to open up and be vulnerable, validate the other person's feelings and show genuine regret for his or her actions.
  • Hanging on to anger, hurt and resentment causes stress, mental anguish and even true physical health problems. Leigh shares 5 ways to recognize when your body is telling you to forgive and let go. Read the full transcript below to find out what they are.
  • "Relationships of all kinds are a valuable asset that are irreplaceable.  We need to treat each and everyone like a precious jewel that we take great care of."
  • Really listen to yourself in the next few days, as well as listening to those around you.  How often does "I’m sorry” get thrown out there with no slowing down or thought?
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Tough Talks

relationships Feb 21, 2022
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  •  So, what makes us so hesitant and downright sick to our stomachs to have these conversations? The short answer is FEAR.
  • We need to stop and reprogram ourselves to envision how amazing the end result is going to be after the tough conversation.  You could even go so far as to be excited to talk to this person and have a fresh beginning to whatever the problem may be.
  • "Make difficult conversations opportunities for growth."
  • Click HERE to sign up for a FREE, no-obligation, One on One Strategy Session with High Performance Coach and Founder of Focus Forward Business Design, Leigh Wilson. Seriously, no pressure, we only want to give you the opportunity to try something you may not otherwise try, and it could completely change your life!
  • In this blog, Leigh shares her strategies on dealing with tough conversations, whether it is a spouse, boss, or peer. As a bonus she includes methods for dealing with teens and...
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5 Ways to Be a Better Friend

relationships Feb 15, 2022
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  •  On a scale of 1-10, how good of a friend are you? I bet if you are like most people, you would say you are a pretty good friend but know that there are times you could do better. We are going to explore HOW you can be a better friend in this week's blog. Check out the video, podcast or full transcript for more!
  • "Being a great friend is a skill set like any other highly refined skill that has to be practiced on a continual basis."
  • 5 Things to add to your intentional plan of being a better friend: Open your mind, care about the journey, be present, see your people more often and be grateful for the friendships you have. Read on to break these down further.
  •  Being that friend that does not stand in judgment and is open and in fact welcomes new ideas or thoughts can be refreshing and truly lead to conversations that build a deeper level of friendship.
  • I challenge you to look around or listen and you will find that most...
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