Transform Your Life: 5 Habits to Supercharge Your Success

business 101 habits Apr 17, 2023

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  • Achieve your goals and transform your life with my 5 habits you can implement today!
  • Take charge and put your focus where you want it to be, not where it defaults to.
  • We do not achieve success all on our own. So, get a friend or colleague to join you in using these success habits and hold each other accountable. The research has been done, and according to Signature Analytics, it shows that when someone publicly shares their goals, they have around a 65% chance of success. However, having a specific accountability partner boosts that chance to 95%.
  •  If you want guidance on implementing these habits into your daily routine, try a free one-on-one strategy session with me! I'd love to help you get unstuck and feel empowered by your choices


As an entrepreneur and business coach, I've had the privilege of working with some of the most successful business owners out there. From my experience, I've discovered that certain habits and behaviors...

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The Psychology of Habits

habits Feb 23, 2021

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Your world would be entirely different if you succeeded at consistently replacing the habits that you know don’t serve you well with new ones that emphasize good habits in health, fitness, nutrition as well as your career habits that lead to more productivity, less wasted time and more creative energy.  This is absolutely guaranteed…You may be saying “of course I know that”… but do you really?  It is easy to sit back and say yeah it would be cool, or different or amazing, but apparently, we are not good at really feeling what it would be like.  Feeling the goodness and the changes are what push us to make the changes.  Think about it, if you have ever experienced the implementation of a new habit that literally rocked your world, wasn’t it easier to continue on that journey?

Think of something that you really want badly.  It could be living somewhere amazing, maybe taking on a...

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Habits to Keep You Thriving

habits Feb 15, 2021
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It’s time to thrive not just survive.  We all know at a deep level that healthy habits are the best thing that we can do for longevity, great health, happiness, even wealth has been attributed to great health.  If that is the case, then why are so many people so irresponsible and quite honestly derelict in their duties to care for the one home that they will have forever…their bodies.  It doesn’t just end there though; our minds must be constantly worked out and trained for better behavior.  So, don’t believe it can all be solved at the gym.  Thrive by setting habits in the categories of nutrition, fitness and brain health. You may need to reevaluate in your life choices and likely need to step it up. Rarely are we consistently highly effective in all the habits of life.  The challenge is for you to pick just 3 areas that you are going to start or reengage in.  Then pick...

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Habits to Increase Your Productivity

habits Feb 09, 2021
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Take on less by prioritizing the items in your life that are truly important and are the items that will accomplish the largest goals that will take you to new levels in life, both professionally and personally.   

Get some crazy good habits in place that are proven to increase productivity, then eventually we may be able to graduate to filtering out other people's agendas, or items that just simply don’t move the needle forward.

In order for habits to be effective we must really want change.  It can’t be someone else’s idea.  It has to be a deep seeded desire for a better result in one or more areas of our lives. If the desire is not your own, you will not experience long term success.  If the motivation is personal, the level of success increases dramatically.  You may even need less support or tools to be successful. The best new habits can be an uphill climb if the desire to change is...

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Habits Build Us

habits Feb 02, 2021
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The most important good habit to have is clarity.  Let’s face it, we know that the more clarity you have the better you perform.  You just get stuff done and make things happen, opposed to when you have no clarity on what the end goal is, and you spin around in circles trying to convince yourself and others that you are extremely busy.

Have you been told for years by coaches that to have the drive and passion you need to succeed you have to have a big "Why”? Did you ever sit thru class after class and think do I even need a big why? 

Now please don't get off topic. Everyone of course has reasons for doing what they do, many of us have goals that never seemed special, or big enough. Most of us are not building schools for Children in Africa or building a foundation to save the whales. Have you had the struggle during class, when they asked us to write out our big why and then have a few people share theirs?...

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