5 Reasons You Can Succeed at a High Level Running Your Own Business

business 101 Sep 26, 2022


 Blog Summary:

  • Too often great dreams and aspirations are thought of daily, yet are never pursued. This leads to dreams dying and the dreamer settling. Leigh Wilson hopes to change that. Read on to find out why she thinks you can succeed in your business at a high level.
  • "We all succeed at a higher level when we do the things we love to do."
  • Now, more than ever, the internet is our worldwide, "digital market" to sell goods and services; your reach is boundless.
  • Freedom of choice is incredibly inspiring, but don't let that stop you from having some structure to your day.
  • You don't have to do it all on your own, and in fact, you shouldn't!



Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, analysis paralysis... whatever your block is right now, and I am sure you have one, just know you are not alone. These terms exist because these blocks have been so prevalent in society, and I think this is a great thing! We get to name our challenges and zero in on them allowing the opportunity to fix these blocks and prove, yet again to ourselves just how awesome we are. 

Now, I understand these things can be difficult to overcome and can return even if we jumped that same hurdle before. I also know they do not discriminate. It's not just women or young people new to the business world that struggle with these things. And, no, men are not free of these burdens, nor is the seasoned entrepreneur. Everyone experiences self-doubt and the unnecessary ability to find all the reasons we won't be able to succeed. It happens.

This is why I am excited to share the reasons anyone can succeed in business today! So, if you are feeling stuck in your current business or too buried in self-doubt to get your business started, just check back to this list and see which of these 5 items might help you.  



5 Reasons You Can Succeed in Your Own Business

  1. You get to pick what you love to do. We all succeed at a higher level when we do the things that we love to do. When doing something simply for the satisfaction and joy that it naturally brings us, we are intrinsically motivated. Relying on no outside reward or consequence, our intrinsic motivators are the strongest motivators and most effective for task completion, inspiring creativity, and finishing projects. 
  2. Social Media and the internet have made it natural and easy for you to market your new business. Everybody is out there. They can't help but see you. You just have to get out there and utilize it. Now, this can be intimidating and if it is to you, know that you have options. You can hire this out, but I always recommend you have a handle on each aspect of your business before you go completely hands-free on that task or element, at least where applicable. To keep it from being overwhelming, stick to no more than 2 target platforms to promote your business. For example, Facebook and Instagram might be ideal as you can schedule and manage both platforms right from Meta Business Suite. However, there are also several options for schedulers like Later or content creators like Canva which can make social media less daunting and really save you some time in the long run.
  3. Networking! After COVID, people are craving interaction. So, networking is a natural thing. You get to go out, meet people and tell them about everything you are doing and get them excited about your new business. There is an abundance of options for networking online or in person. So many Facebook groups are available to join and get your name out there. You can always join your local Chamber or any of the numerous business networking groups available. Just don't be shy!
  4. You get your time back. You get to determine your own schedule and in this way, you get to have a more balanced business life and personal life. Remember, you control this balance. One of the most important aspects we cater to at Focus Forward Business Design is answering your personal needs as well as business needs. If you neglect yourself and are always buried in work at your desk, the work you put out won't be so great and you are guaranteed to burn out in a hurry. Nothing good comes from extended work.
  5. Business Coaching - There is an affordable start-up, small business coaching system available for you. It is catered to your business and answers your struggles both business and personal.  All you have to do is reach out to Focus Forward Business Design and we will help get your start-up business going. Start with a FREE 1:1 consultation to see if coaching with me is a good fit for you! Click here to sign up and an email will be in your inbox shortly so you can schedule your call at your convenience. I look forward to meeting you!


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