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Have you ever felt like you just needed the right roadmap to gain success faster, more joyfully and with clarity?


Me too... It seems like we get to a point in our life when we realize that we need more, that we are capable of more and that we are in charge of us and everything that lies in front of us. This is when life gets really cool.
Except... that the norm has always been to be highly successful in business, you had to give up loads of personal freedom, joy, family, friends and dreams.
Here is a secret... You don't!
You deserve to have the career you have envisioned and the lifestyle that you design... no compromises.
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Your Playbook for Success is a High Level 5 Module Course


  1. Your Morning Routine with a Purpose
  2. Network Genius
  3. Lose it, Leverage it, Automate it
  4. Plan it Like You Mean it
  5. Done by One
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Life Reimagined by Focus Forward Business Design


Honoring the synchronicity of the whole person allowing you to achieve true fulfillment.


It's Your Story...You Get to Write it!



Develop confidence and achieve your goals. Gain the skills to stay focused and motivated.

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From Leigh

Your Success is Yours to Design


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Leigh has helped me not only learn techniques that have helped me organize my day/week/month & year in addition to gained confidence in moving my career forward.  She has changed not only my professional outlook but also helped my personal development.

Rebecca Owens

Focus Forward Business Design has helped me find my confidence again. Leigh is amazing at personally connecting, providing tools and helping me to realize what motivates and inspires me.  I am grateful for the adjustments she has helped me make


Kim Daley

In my time with Leigh I have progressed tremendously in by business and in my life! Through Focus Forward I have been able to prioritize what is truly important, set my goals and go for it! It's been a great ride.  Thank you Leigh and the entire Focus Forward Team.
Eddy Udry

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